if for whatever reason you are following me here but not my main blog and you want to continue to see my photography, go follow my main blog…. im posting my images there now, and a lot more of them than were ever posted here. both scraps/ideas and final images and some other misc stuff!
    thanks for hanging out

  2. 2013

  3. 2013

  4. 2013

  5. 2013

  6. 2013

    coincidentally spotted in late August/early September

  7. 2013

    im currently in the process of scanning + editing approx. one million negatives and will hopefully build a real real website soon(!) and in the meantime im gonna gradually dump a bunch of pics on here so be on the lookout for that………….

  8. 2013
    from a small series

  9. 2013
    spread from a small book i recently made

  10. oh yeah

  11. 2013

  12. old old, 2012

  13. 2013

  14. 2013

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